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What Are Heaven Circle Badges?

Badges are essential to the way we select for our events. The first and foremost use of badges on our site is to allow only certain people to attend certain events and keep our events exclusive. We have custom built our site so that badges unlock the ability to buy tickets to events. When you verify your profile you shall get a verified genuine badge (Level 1). If you pass the photo selection process you may attend Photo Selection Parties like Heaven SX, Heaven Prive and Heaven Singles. (All Level 2 and invite is by photo application) If our scouts at our parties think you have the "WOW" factor you will be given be invited back to Heaven Noir and Heaven Soiree (Level 3 and Invite Only) Badges are also used to show interests and your location at a glance. The first badge that you sign up will be your nations flag, this will not only represent where you are from but also gives you access to exclusive offers and events in your area. Our site is 100% free however in order to get full use of our site you must verify you are genuine by submitting your photo holding a sign that says your username and Heaven Circle on it.

Once you have established your account you will have the ability to upgrade your account level status by verifying your account and providing some additional photos and information.

That's it! You would have earned your second badge and now you can start exploring our site and figure out which parties you want to go to next. Other badges are awarded after attending parties and signing up for events.

Our site is 100% FREE! Meet Single Girls, Single Guys and Couples online or at parties. Plus view photos and videos too!


The First Level
Is being verified genuine (That you are real!) By submitting a verification photo of you holding a sign saying your username and we will give you a green verification badge. This will give you full use of our site plus allow you to attend Level One events (No selection process) Like Heaven Kink
The Second Level
Level Two Parties are for those who have submitted their photos and been awarded the relevant badge to buy tickets. These badges only last a certain amount of time and then you must apply again. Our level two parties are Heaven SX, Heaven Prive and Heaven Singles.
The Third Level
Level Three is invite only. Reserved for those we choose personally from all our parties. Level Three parties are Heaven Noir and Heaven Soiree and held just a few times a year, at cost for the hottest couples and singles from thousands of applications.