What Are Heaven Circle Badges?

Badges are essential to the way we select for our events. The first and foremost use of badges on our site is to allow only certain people to attend certain events and keep our events exclusive.

We have custom built our site so that badges unlock the ability to buy tickets to events. When you verify your profile you shall get a verified genuine badge (Level 1). If you pass the photo selection process you shall get a level two badge. If our scouts at our parties think you have the "WOW" factor you will be given a level three badge and be invited back to Heaven Noir and Heaven Soiree.

Badges are also used to show interests and your location at a glance. The first badge that you sign up will be your nations flag, this will not only represent where you are from but also gives you access to exclusive offers and events in your area.

Our site is 100% free however in order to get full use of our site you must verify you are genuine by submitting your photo holding a sign that says your username and Heaven Circle on it.

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Heaven Circle has three levels of parties.


Level One - Badge Required - Verified Genuine Badge


Heaven Newbies

Heaven Kink


Level Two - Badge Required - Heaven Circle Badge



Heaven Prive

Heaven SX


Level Three - Badge Required - Heaven Soiree


Heaven Noir

Heaven Soiree

Last Members