Do I have to play at a party?

Absolutely not. You can simply watch and enjoy the atmosphere, make friends and leave when you wish 

Where are you parties held?

Our Parties are held in stunning venues in London, New York, LA, Paris, Ibiza and Amsterdam

What is the difference between your parties?

We hold two types of parties. Heaven SX and Heaven Soiree. 

Heaven SX is for those based on their photo applications.

Heaven Soiree is for those we have picked from Heaven SX, "The Red Cloak Party"

Can I get involved as a single guy?

No, we do not allow single guys at our parties. However you can apply to be a butler on our free social network and work with us at events to welcome guests where you can meet many single girls and couples. Spaces are very limited and we have a strict selection process. 


We do not allow any phones at our events, all verification photos are private, and names and any other information is kept private. 

We do our upmost to provide a safe, confidential and private environment for our guests. 

People of notability please contact for extra information on how we protect the identites of those known well in the media. 

What Should I Wear?

It depends on what party you are attending. 

If you are attending Heaven Prive simply - Sexy Smart

If you are attending Heaven SX Black Tie / Suits and Bow Ties / Waist Coats / Suits / Ties / Shirt and smart shoes. No Jeans No T shirts No Trainers. 

If you are attending Heaven Soiree - The Red Cloak. 


Condoms are always provided at our parties and we promote safe sex

What are you most exclusive parties?

Our most exclusive Party is Heaven Soiree. The Red Cloak Party. 

Can I host my own parties

We do not have facilities on our site for you to host your own parties nor do we allow promotion of parties on our site. However you can join us and host Heaven Prive Parties in an area where we do not. Please email for more info. 

What are your prices?

Heaven Newbie Drinks - Free for Newbies / £10 for existing couples / £5 for existing Single Girls.

Heaven Kink - Depends on what the couple / single girl ask for and how hard it is to organise. 

Heaven Noir - £120 per Butler, £99 per Couple, £40 per Single Girl

Heaven Prive - £120 per Couple, £40 per Single Girl

Heaven SX - £120 per Couple, £40 per Single Girl, £120 per Butler

Heaven Soiree - £120 Per Couple, £40 per Single Girl, £120 per Paired Elite Butler. 

How famous is Heaven Circle?

Our Parties have been in national press in countries all over the world. 

Are "Play" parties legal?

Yes. All our members pay to attend our private parties in a safe secure invironment and enjoy the open environement we provide with other consenting adults. 

What security is there?

We have top security at our parties to make sure all our guests feel safe and secure. 

What normally happens at a sex party?

People arrive

Have drinks

Laugh and enjoy them selves

Later girls get changed into lingerie

The mood changes

Some couples and singles start playing

The party burst into a world unlike you have ever experienced before. 

Girls are in control

Girls make the rules at our parties.